B2B Ecommerce Platform Comparison: How to Choose the Best Fit?

It’s normal to get confused while conducting a B2B ecommerce platform comparison.  We know that market is abundant of many B2B ecommerce solutions. And each one of them is setup to offer different features. Well, everyone seems to talk about B2B wholesale platforms and their features. But, what about people – employees and customers! Are these features projected according to needs of real people?

Doing B2B ecommerce platform comparison doesn’t remain a hard task when you know the real needs and what’s best for your employees and customers. Here we’ll discuss about some parameters on which where you can easily compare the top B2B platforms.

Deployment Model

What is the type of B2B ecommerce solution?  Are they cloud-based, out of the box, or open source? If you look for open source solution, you will hire developers to run that software. Here you will need to consider your budget and things like – will it make sense for your company? The IT staff of your company already has full-plate or not? How does this option affect real people?

For those companies, who don’t want to bear the expense of developers can choose an out-of-the-box solution. Meanwhile, the best-of-breed option is cloud-based solution which works great for companies who don’t have resources and expertise to handle functionalities required for online selling.

Mobile Friendly

B2B ecommerce solution must be fully mobile-responsive. This means their designs should be able to fit any screen without removing any information or creating a bad user experience for customers and employees. Since B2B business is more complex and has more information to display than B2C sites. So, it is difficult yet important to maintain that mobile-friendly look. Hence, whatever B2B ecommerce solution you opt for, make sure they offer an intuitive pitch of B2B data on mobile devices.

Content Management System

It’s important to control and manage the digital content in your ecommerce website. This is necessary because it leads to an attractive user experience and simplify the buying experience. A B2B ecommerce solution with CMS also makes life easy for marketing people as it’s a handy tool for them to do their job.


The top B2B platforms are scalable-means that they are capable to grow with your business.  Many companies need a B2B ecommerce solution that can provide the real data to them. The most important aspect of scalability is how well the platform is integrated to SAP in real time.


Undoubtedly, B2B ecommerce platform comparison is crucial in B2B journey. Every B2B market needs above features to have. Evaluate them and pick a one that works for real people.


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