B2B Ecommerce Platform Comparison: BigCommerce Vs. Shopify

Are you searching for the perfect B2B ecommerce solution?

When buyers come to decision of choosing the B2B ecommerce solution, they are mostly concerned about few reasonable questions like what is the real total implementation cost of B2B wholesale platform. What features they have? Are they reliable and have positive user reviews?

Well, here you can find a full abreast B2B ecommerce platform comparison between BigCommerce vs. Shopify.

Before we start comparison, let’s have a brief look on what vendors have to say about both of them. While, BigCommerce is one of the top B2B platforms that empowers small to medium businesses sell more online and spend less time working. This unique platform provides easy-to-use tools and hardcore SEO that makes online selling on eBay, Facebook and IPhone a cinch.  On other hand, Shopify helps emerging small ventures pull off the ground and flourish into successful companies. They do this by providing innovative technology and by making it accessible to people who wouldn’t be able to afford it. Shopify has a team of highly motivated individuals, who are passionate about solving problems, and are committed towards excellence.

Features and Functionality

Like with any software solutions, it’s crucial to look for features & functionality. By any means, the right ecommerce solution should be able to support workflows, processes and requirements that matter to your business.

Features of BigCommerce include API, Email integration, Mobile Access, Online and phone Customer Support.

Shopify list of features include Online Auction Management, Product Catalog, Online Order Entry, Order Confirmation and Processing.

Pricing Comparison

To understand the actual price of B2B ecommerce solution is a daunting task. Since overall pricing includes software license, customization cost, subscription fees, hardware cost, maintenance cost and other related services. So, consider all of these costs while considering total cost of ownership.

The price of BigCommerce starts from $25 per month/user. And, Shopify price starts from $29 per month/user. BigCommerce cost is around the same as of Shopify.

Both of them are rated 4 – which means they offer less cost as compared to other ecommerce software’s cost.

Mobile Friendly / Cloud
No doubt we are living in the mobile era. Being a software buyer, it is important to look for a B2B ecommerce solution that is mobile friendly – or in other words it must come in form of mobile apps. This is because, it leads to more productivity, more interaction with other businesses in terms of chats and email. For this, B2B platform should be a cloud-based solution that allows users to access it from anywhere using their mobile phones.

BigCommerce software can be used Standalone, On Premise, Cloud, and SaaS, whereas Shopify can be used as a Standalone, On Premise, Cloud, SaaS.

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